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Senza Batteria

by Gigi

First Song 02:28
Mrs Sugar 02:34
My dog 03:58
Ignuntoregio 02:37


This is more than album: 11 minutes for 5 years of work. Gigi has no time for us, but we've stolen and collected 5 of his songs.

CAUTION! If you still think that pc-microphones and untunable guitars are The Way, this is your album.

Gigi speaks about his work:
This album is based on two principal points (maybe three)

The first is the use of only three instruments (voice, guitars and bass) which give life to all the sounds you can hear; the first meaning of the album’s name (“Senza Batteria” means “Without Drums”, but also “Without Batteries” ) focalizes on this point. The records aren’t made in appropriate isolated room, but in normal rooms so the external world has the possibility to join into the songs and become part of them, thus giving the songs some Lo-Fi features.

The second meaning of the album’s name is linked to the story told through the songs’ lyrics which are a travel to the insignificant meaning of life, following the expieriences of an imaginary character.
In the beggining, he looks at life with great expectations of peace, (First song), he’s looking for a world where people live togheter without differences of race, color and language; at the end of the song he realizes that this is an utopic dream, so he decides that is better to wait a little bit for a world this perfect. Then he starts to search for an easier way to reach happiness so he tries with love, he meets a woman (Mrs Sugar) but his love is not answered, so he starts to be seized by despair. He tries to console himself by adopting a dog he founds in the garbage (My Dog) but in spite of his love, the dog is very ill so he dies fast. The man is very sad so he starts his voyeur’s activities far from the people and animals which destroyed all his dreams. One day he leaves his handbag near a bus stop just to go to the toilet, when he checks it back on the bus he finds a bomb (LowFi Voyeur's Cow Boy Bomber). For another time, fate’s against him, he’s targetted as a criminal.

He’s forced to escape and he goes to Finland where, without any hope for his future, he starts to circumvent little girls coming out of schools with candies and chocolates (Ignuntoregio), but finnish life is too boring (The day after tomorrow), nothing ever happens, so one day he decides to rob a bank, with the only hope of being killed during the robbery.

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released January 10, 2006




Lepers Produtcions Bari, Italy

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